Angel Urns

Angel urns are prefered by so many bereaved people simply because of what many believe angels are. In virtually all religions angels are messengers from God. They are sent to guide us, love us, keep watch over us and bless us. So if someone is mourning the loss of a loved one, it's natural to want something that symbolizes all these things. We, as those left behind for now, want something symbolic of a peaceful transition from our troubled world to God's perfect domain. An angel urn therefore calms us by reassuring us that our loved one has been safely guided into heaven.

As a result, manufacturers have produced a large amount of these urns in different materials, each designed to meet the demands of those buying. Let's take a look at some of the more popular choices.

Cast bronze angel urns are basically an urns sculpted into the image of an angel made from solid bronze. Generally the angel will look like a woman or cherub. The figure itself is usually shown offering prayers or blessings, although sometimes they can be seen with flowers or flying. Bronze urns are very strong and durable. The cremated remains are place inside through a plate at the bottom. For an urn with a more shimmering bronze or golden appearance, they can be treated with patina.

Cultured angel urns are extremely popular. They are made from a variety of different materials which can resemble marble. The difference is they are much cheaper. Their beauty and relatively inexpensive price, as well as the huge selection available, have made cultured urns the urn of choice for many.

Marble urns can be simply awe inspiring. Their very distince look makes them popular as well. The natural glow of the marble gives them a very distinct appearance that can be very sophisticated. You can get these in a number of different colors from white to jet black.

Precious metal urns. These are a little harder to find and more expensive as well. Typically they are first finished with bronze or silver then they are coated with gold or platinum. Most of these are custom made.

No matter what the angel urn is made from, it can be a beautiful focal point in a memorial garden or a showpiece in the home. They can be kept indoors or out. But no matter where they are places, they are a touching was to remember a loved one that is no longer on this earth.